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16 May 2017 @ 11:35 pm
Happy 21st Anniversary on JE, Jun Matsumoto!  
So, it's already that time of the year for my dearest MatsuJun... And it's not his birthday yet!
Anyhoo, let's go and celebrate this day with flying turtles and purple microphones!


I just love both of your dorky and stoic sides!

21 years since your career's debut... I'm ever so happy for you to reach this far! ありがとう for giving us fans the products of your amazing skills! Keep improving yourself and always remember that I'm here to support you and your group ^_^!


Jaa! Enjoy your anniversary, my おうじさま~
Where?: bed.
I'm Feelin': exanimateexanimate
Moment's Melody: Kana Nishino - Pa