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09 May 2017 @ 10:41 pm
Happy 3rd Arashian Anniversary To Moi!  
Konnichiwa minna!

So yeah, I finally got home from the ever-so-long enrollment and from the party celebration with my dearest best friends! See ya' next month, sweeties!

Anyhoo, ever since I woke up today, aside from thinking about on how to celebrate Ryosuke Yamada's birthday, I've been wondering how will I make my 3rd anniversary as an Arashian/Arashic/Arashist a bit more memorable than last year (Election day sure sucks me up, even though I'm not a voter yet.), and with so many ideas, I've came up to one of my fave things in the world: Watch Arashi PVs!

Yup! Going to make a list of my top three fave PVs from each member who've became the center of the promotional video! In a nutshell, the PV of the single track that was used for a member/s' acting spree ^_^. Just to be clear, I LOVE ALL OF ARASHI'S PVS IN EXISTENCE. I WILL NEVER EVER LEARN TO HATE AT LEAST ONE. I find each of them to be unique and just amazayn in their own ways!

Time to party for me!

Satoshi Ohno


         I've mentioned it before that Truth was the first Arashi PV that I've ever seen as a newbie Arashian. So, it has a very special part in my kokoro ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦. Anyhoo, not only because it was my first PV, but the reasons why I love this video so much are because of these: It's elegant as the devil himself (I'm referring to Naruse Ryo because he is the only devil I'll love, aside from Devil Nino of Pocky), their outfits are just sexy as heck, I love how they included that sizzling, flying kick of MatsuJun, how it made a sweet connection on the song and dorama it represents! And the fudging violins! I just love how the whole PV was made!


I seek

          Oh this is a recent one! From the moment I saw Ohno dressed up in a classy-as-fuck outfit, I was swooned! Then we got a good shot of Sho looking handsome while freshin' himself up, Aiba looking adorable as he browses the kitchen for foods, MatsuJun reading sexily as heck while waiting for the others and Nino who is just damn too irresistible as he plays with those cards of his! Gosh! With Aiba making love to the bread and these five seductive ikemen, this PV is just too crack-up and sexy and elegant and saucy!


Face Down

           Also know as the Supernova Next to the Door. Heck! By just looking at that picture, we all know how enticing this whole mess of a PV is. With those skin-tight pants, leather chairs, red background, sudden rap from Sho, Aiba tying his shoelaces, Matsumiya being a pair of hot bitches, Ohno being regal as Joffrey from the series Game of Thrones and random dancing from each members, this video really just screams an Arashi version of the red room of pain from the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. Enuff said.
Sho Sakurai


Aozora Pedal

               Have I told you how much I love music/promotional videos with stories in them? Anyhoo, this one was the first PV that made me cry like a camel who got bitten by an alligator. I really love how the story flows and how relatable it is for those people who loved someone but their object of affection never returned the feelings. I also love how they included guests to star with Arashi, and their hairstyles and clothers are just too adorable! Plus, I love how refreshing it is to see Arashi outside of their green studio. I really love them to make more shootings with outdoor scenery ^_^.


Tomadoi Nagara

            From the moment I saw this one, I felt some nostalgia feels being washed to my kokoro.Aside from how much I love their hairstyles (Bear with me, I have a hair fetish.), I just love how calm this whole video is. Nothing much to say, but I just simply want to watch this over and over. (I love the song that much, too xDD)


Ashita no Kioku

             Ahh~ Arashi doing photography and being melancholic with memories is just too fun to watch. Anyhoo, some people may see this is bland (Like Dear Snow. I love that PV too!), but I think it fits the song completely and Sho's dorama, The Quiz Show 2. It is very captivating in its own calm way. No dancing or cracking up needed. This PV is just too perfect.

Masaki Aiba


My Girl

           After first watching this PV, I have this conclusion that My Girl is definitely my favorite from any Arashi PVs. I love story-filled music videos so much! It's very charming to see the Arashi members acting as brothers and being born under the same parents. For me, this video and its song brings nostalgic and melancholic yet sweet memories to my mind. Definitely 10/10!


I'll be there

          Their latest PV from their 51st single! After seeing its previews and trailers, I know this PV will be a fun and classy one! I was right! Years had passed since their debut and Arashi never fails to bring cracktastic yet alluring views to their fans' eyes ^_^. I really love how fond they are on taking pictures of one another and enjoying those funny props and contraptions while capturing some amusing pictures \^o^/ .



         Until now, I'm still pondering why 'Lotus' is the title. Anyhoo, what I love about this video is its dark atmosphere combined with alluring dancing and seductive facial expression. Those white outfits really emphasized the Arashi memebers's shady and chilling personas. Classy as heck once again!

Kazunari Ninomiya


Hitomi no Naka no Galaxy

              I love the song as much as I love this sweet PV. I love how the constellations and galaxy were used in making this video a fascinating one. Their outfits and hairstyles once again, never failed to make my kokoro race faster. Especially MatsuJun's hair ^.~. Plus, what I adore most in here is that, they included a guitar solo for Nino to incorporate with =^o^=!


Beautiful Days

             One of my personal favorites, this PV is just too emotional! And I love it! I find it very amazing on how it incorporated some elements from Nino's dorama, Ryuusei no Kizuna, specifically the stars and bittersweet atmosphere. It really just fits the song it accompanies! I need more of this stuff! (And I just really love stars, the night sky and the moon, by the way xDD)



           One of those cracktastic PVs of Arashi. And one which is very hard not to laugh at! True to its song and title, it really showed the fun sides of Ohno, Sho, Aiba, Nino and MatsuJun and how they can be enjoyable with each other. Lots of Ohmiya, Aimiya and Sakuraiba love, monopoly games and basketball had never been so much fun! The PV is just too amusing that I don't mind seeing it ten times a day!

Jun Matsumoto


Wild at Heart

              This PV is just too adorable! Upon finishing watching this one, I can't help but rewatch it once more and follow as the Arashi members dance like dorks in shiny outfits and sunglasses! Plus, I really love seeing how kakkoi they are with those black suits and tempting hairstyles! And their reactions are just too good for the kokoro!



           With its Orient Express feels and melancholic emotions (I just love melacholy!), I can't find any reason to dislike this one. In fact, I really love it! I can feel the wintery vibe and bittersweetness of love. Oh! It just totally fits the song and MatsuJun's dorama, Shitsuren Chocolatier!


         This PV is just sooper sweet that I couldn't resist loving it! I just love how cute the puppet scenes are and Sho's dorky dancing is very fun to watch! Plus, MatsuJun's curly perm is just too charming! I also love Aiba's scene where he used an umbrella to protect the main puppet guy from the snow as he paints his masterpiece (This is not The Last Leaf!), Ohno is just too cute on every scenes he was on and the scene where Nino picked up the bouquet of flowers, sighing ever so cutely! I LOVE THIS ONE!


Special mention to Dear Snow, Hatenai Sora, Jidai, Your Eyes, *insert all of Arashi's PVs in existence*

Okay! There we go! That was fun and enjoyable! Wishing for more Arashi fangirling years to come for me and to all Arashians/Arashics/Arashists out their!

Jaa! Enjoy!

I really need to go now, since I'm not feeling well... Sorethroat sucks! And definitely a tiring day.... With many good and bad things happened... *shrugs*
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